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If your car was produced after 1995 it may have transponder equipped immobiliser technology installed as a factory option.  However here in New Zealand there are some basic rules surrounding whether or not your car is likely to be equipped.

Likely to be equipped cars:

A Japanese car sold here in New Zealand new after 1995.
A European car or model either NZ new or imported after 1995
A High specification Japanese Used import after 2000
A car of any make or model produced after 2005

Likely not to  be equipped cars:

A Japanese used import
A Low cost basic model  of NZ new car
Any car produced before 1995

Transponder key production.

A Transponder key needs to be recognised by the ECU of the vehicle concerned before it will allow the engine to start.  This means that it has to be introduced to the vehicles electronics and be programmed to it.  The method of doing this requires the use of our specialist equipment, and each method is unique to the make and model of the vehicle.  Often it will also require a pin code to access the ECU and complete the procedure.  Obtaining the pin code and completing the procedure can be a time consuming and complicated task and require the use on occassion of genuine dealer supplied keys.  For this reason this method is usually somewhat expensive, although on some models this may be the only way

For this reason wherever possible we copy the key with copying equipment.  The latest evolution of this method involves the use of "TPX" chips produced by JMA.  We are the New Zealand distributor of these types of keys and technology and by using our services you can be confident of the lowest cost and the best result in a spare transponder key.

The only definite way to assess if your car is equipped with this technology is to visit our store and have your key tested.  Our staff are only too happy to do this and will give you full information on the best way to achieve a spare key, as well as advise you on the consequences of losing your last key.


We cannot produce, as yet,  spare transponder keys for Mercedes, or BMW, or some selected smart proximity keys.  BMW and Mercedes use unique rolling code technology which, while it is possible to produce an after market key with specialist equipment, the process as yet, is  time consuming and fraught with risk to the vehicles electronics.  These keys should be ordered from the vehicles' dealer. 

New technologies are coming on stream all the time, and selected BMW solutions are now not too far away.

Smart keys are at the cutting edge of after market technology, and we can only provide these for selected models at this time.  Please enquire if your car is possible.