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.                                                                               Remotes


  • We currently have the ability to copy only fixed code remotes for garage doors and the like.


  •    We import a range of remotes for a variety of cars, including Toyota, Ford, Mazda, Audi and volkswagen.  Because they have particular ranges and frequencies for individual models, it is not possible to categorically identify which will work with what.  Because they all need to be coded to the vehicle, we are able to experiment with any aprticular situation.  We will only charge a fee if our efforts are succesful.

  •   Smart cards

  •   Smart keys, or proximity keys mostly work the same way.  The card or the key blade which fits into it, will have a transponder.  The vehicle has a pickup somewhere in it, which senses the card which has previously been programmed to the vehicle.  If the card or the key blade has a recognised transponder in it, then it will allow the system to work.  The transponder and the card do not neccesarily need to match each other.  It is only neccessary that both components are recognised, and they are together.  For this reason, it is possible to only program the card to the vehicle, and copy the transponder, avoiding the need for extra transponder programming to the vehicle. 

  • It is also possible to copy the transponder and create an overide key that will turn in the door, and then the ignition and start the vehicle, because the antenna pickup is located around the ignition barrel.   We use JMA  TPX technology mostly for these operations, but sometimes we may use CN1 / CN2 technolgy where there are severe space constraints.

  • After market Remotes

  • These remotes almost always use rolling code technology, which, even if it is copied, needs to be programmed to the vehicle, using the pin code from the original installation.  If this is not available, then extra remotes need to be provided by an automotive alarm specialist, and sometimes requires a replacement module to get things working.  Because loss of these remotes always causes trouble, we do not recommend the use of after market alarm installations of any kind.